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Air-Conditioning Issues Are Over

The Lakewood High School Media Center was closed for over three weeks, and the administration was going above and beyond to fix the issue.
Devin Berrien|SNN
Heather Robinson uses her computer at her desk in the Media Center Feb. 16, 2022. Robinson ensures the media center is a welcoming environment to check out books and work on projects.

The administration’s number one priority is making sure all students and faculty can be comfortable and perform their duties the best they can.

Media Center director Heather Robinson was moved to B-110 to carry out her daily duties in comfort. Although, it did not fully take away the loss of the familiar Media Center that many students relied on.

One of the main challenges of not having the Media Center open is the fact that students couldn’t check out textbooks that they needed for class. Also, scholars didn’t have that safe space that they could come to throughout the day to read and relax without anxiety or stress.

While much of the campus was only expecting the library to be closed for a few days, it unfortunately lasted much longer than planned.

The Media Center was planned to be fixed earlier on, but the hurricane caused unexpected delays.

The reason that the repair had taken longer than expected is not the fault of any of the janitors or office staff, it’s just a matter of time. Janitors work on contract hours, so they can only work the allotted time they have. There are just simply not enough hours in a day to completely revamp the air conditioning while also dealing with their other janitorial duties. Also, many of the parts needed to fix the AC had been backordered and are hard to come by.

The setbacks never stopped the administration from coming up with new ways to conduct classes in an effective way.

Assistant Principal Peter Restos has accommodated every class that used to be in the Media Center to comfortable classrooms. For example, Restos has moved several students to the auditorium where the air conditioning keeps the room nice and cool.

While the loss of the Media Center was an annoying change to the campus, the administration made sure that the student’s comfort and education was never affected.

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