House Committe advances in Tik Tok Shutdown

The House Commitee advanced for Tik Tok’s shutdown on March 7th due to datamining
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Tik Tok is shutting down after the House Committee advanced a bill Thursday March 7 that could take to a nationwide ban against Tik Tok on all electronic devices around the world.

Planning on banning Tik Tok is a very bad idea, Tik Tok allows a lot of people all around the world to express themselves, not only that but some famous people became famous due to Tik Tok. Tik Tok isn’t only for entertainment purposes, but you can learn a lot from Tik Tok about the world and different everyday life items or hacks.

If Tik Tok does get banned like the government say it is, people who made their companies through Tik Tok might not be able to sell anymore, kids who learned new things from Tik Tok won’t be able to learn about that kind of stuff in school, or even college.

Banning Tik Tok could be a severely bad decision because that’s where everyone goes to feel free, and make new challenges, try new things and even become more confident.

The government has been planning to ban Tik Tok since last year, and now this year they’re coming to terms to run a bill through congress House Committee. According to the government, the reason for banning Tik Tok is national security that may leak U.S. user data to the Chinese government if they were to be forced.

The Chinese Government doesn’t have control over the U.S. user data if they were to be forced to give it to Beijing from the 2017 law that urges companies to turn over any personal data related to China’s national security.

In summary, Tik Tok shouldn’t be banned due to a national security that may or may not be true, the government could at least set restricts on the app for others to still be able to make content, etc.

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