Get ready for Tezzo Touchdown’s newest album.

Tezzo Touchdown is set to release his new album “ended up being ME” June 23.


Courtesy of Moncler.

Teezo Touchdown in Matthew Williams’s new film for Moncler.


Tezzo Touchdown is a 30-year-old rapper from Beaumont Texas. He had started gaining popularity when he appeared on Tyler, the Creator’s song “Run it Up” and was also an opener for Tyler, the Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost Tour.

Not many people have heard of Tezzo Touchdown, and even a few have called him an “insufferable fashion rapper of the moment,” Pitchfork Staff Writer Alphonse Pierre said. But really Tezzo Touchdown is a diamond in the rough.

With the spunky look of 6-inch nails in his hair it’s not hard to figure out why Tezzo Touchdown caught Tyler, the Creator’s eye.

Tezzo Touchdown has been releasing singles since 2020. His newest album “ended up being ME” is set to be released on June 23.

“Ended up being ME” tells a story of Tezzo Touchdown becoming the artist he is today. Three singles have been released for the album including little clips that let you decide Tezzo Touchdown’s journey that can be found on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

The first clip sets the tone for the story and starts with Tezzo’s dad telling him he needs to make rent. The first clip is where it is also found out that Tezzo makes music videos for money. But that won’t work and Tezzo’s dad gives him an ultimatum; he can either work at a convivence store or at the construction site with him.

The next two clips proceed to show a preview of the two choices that his dad gave him.

After these three clips, the first single of the album is introduced Familiarity. Familiarity gives context into what Tezzo’s life had been like back in 2018. The music video shows him recording music videos for local artists as stated earlier. And the lyrics describe his mindset, that he is trying to make it out but is struggling.

Now these few videos are the only videos that consist of his “Follow My Journey” playlist on YouTube. But his other two singles for the album give a greater idea of how this album is set up.

“5 O’Clock”, the second single released for “ended up being ME.” Shows a glimpse of what his life looks like now that he is being noticed, and “Rock Paper Strippers”, the latest single released for the album, gives a greater idea of what happened if he chose to work at the convenience store.

Now what really makes Tezzo Touchdown stand out with all of these, is his cleverness when it comes to filming these music videos.

A common motif throughout these music videos is bright yellow sticky notes and fans, which may sound bizarre at first but these constant references within these music videos do show his incredible attention to detail.

For example, in his music videos whenever a part of the story is in the past that part of the music video is in black and white. This only shows a small part of the genius of these videos.

In all three of the singles for “ended up being ME” music videos, there are bright yellow sticky notes. Which looks to be reminders to Tezzo of something.

Along with this every single cover for his singles since 2021 has had the background of a yellow sticky note. Which could mean that those past singles could possibly be on the album too. Even his profile picture on YouTube is a bright yellow sticky note that reads “2018”, which is the year everything began to change for him.

For context Tezzo Touchdown’s most popular video on YouTube is his music video “I’m Just a Fan”, where he uses the metaphor that he is literally just like a fan with the chorus being “what’s the point of being on all day, when no one appreciates the breeze you make?”.

In this music video of course, there are a bunch of fans, and among all of the singles released for ended up being ME there are also fans. Which is so cool that he included that in the background of his music videos and shows a message across his videos that he always feels like that but it’s more in the back of his mind now that he is more self-confident.

At first glimpse Tezzo Touchdown may seem like he’s going for shock value. Just like how others in the past felt about Tyler, the Creator towards the beginning of his career. But if paid attention close enough you can see the pure creativity of this emerging artist and realize that Tezzo Touchdown truly is a diamond that’s beginning to shine.