Student success celebrated with Paid for Grades

Paid for Grades awards students with a $500 check for reaching educational goals their freshman year.


Lakewood High School Freshmen were awarded money for their grades inside the auditorium on May 18th. Paid for Grades is a non-profit organization that works with the Pinellas Education Foundation to motivate students to do their best in school.

“Paid for Grades pushed me to not miss any days of school,” Freshman Donavin Collins said.

Paid for Grades is a program that rewards freshman for maintaining good grades, attendance and for staying out of trouble.

“It’s significant because it’s kind of three folds,” Director of PR and Media Relations Justin Clements said. Not only does Paid for Grades pay students, but this program also pays the teachers who helped guide the students $400, along with paying the school $100 for enlisting in the program.

“We used the paid for grades money to help fund the pizza parties that we have here at Lakewood,” Assistant Principal Tequena Akintonde said.

Over 25 freshmen at Lakewood High School were part of the Paid for Grades program this year.

“It’s important to have programs like this so students can have somebody to motivate them,” Clements said. Money can be a big motivator for a lot of people and by using this tactic Paid for Grades was able to help so many students begin to build a strong foundation for their future.

“I’m going to save the money for college,” Collins said.

Paid for Grades is a great push for students who need a little help. With Paid for Grades everyone benefits. It gives students, staff, and schools opportunities to build a road to a positive future.


Special thank you to Assistant Principal Tequena Akintonde for facilitating the Paid for Grades program.

Congratulations to all of the students who reached their goals: Cha’mya Baker, Spencer Belnavis, Devin Berrien, Clara Bowman, Antonia Burnett Jr., Neveah Carroll, Amia Collier, Donavin Collins, Kyron Davis, Aiden Donald, Jameera Floyd, Jeremiah Ford-Farrell, Demarlis Forman, Steven Freijo, Jatavious Gray, Errin Green, Malique Harrell, Ricardo Hartwell, Amiyah Henderson, Jaelyn Hicks, Logan Houck, Jordan Jackson, Derrick Jelks jr, Camora Jenkins, Jameel Joseph, Jeremiah Lovett, Gabrielle McCaskill, Dominic McCloud, Ta’niya Mcneil, Cristian Melendez, Jada Merck, Jayden Morrison, Keane Novotny, Jeffrey Parker, Daija Rogers, Jamari Sanders, Raphael Scott Jr., Shaniya Stalling, Adilnn Stalteri, Nylah Stephens, King Tensley, Lewis Wainwright, Kai’Lyn Washington, Angeliah Williams, Tatyana Wooden, Jaiden Wyrn

Thank you to all of the mentors who helped keep students on track: Jennie Bernier, Allison Biloski, Sandra Bourne, Erika Dickerson, Kate Drof, Elizabeth Halstead, Ahmad Lang, Joseph Lippitt, Damian Lyles, Erika Miller, Christopher Mosher, Amy Norden, Lina Blotnyte, Robert Spann, Tracy Teartt, Suzanne Tredo, Necole Tunsil, Lori West