Forbidden love on the big screen in Jazzman’s Blues

Tyler Perry’s “A Jazzman’s Blues,” premiering Sept. 23, 2022, is a wonderful watch.


Promotional poster for Netflix original film A Jazzman’s Blues, which premiered Sept. 23, 2022.


The new Tyler Perry movie “A Jazzman’s Blues” focuses on a story of forbidden love between two teens Leanne Jean Harper (played by Sofia Pfeiffer) and Horace John Boyd also known as “Bayou” (played by Joshua Boone). This tale also unravels all 40 years of secrets and lies kept hidden while undergoing a murder investigation in the deep south of Summerville, Georgia.

A thing I love about this movie is that the story takes place in the mid-20th century. Bayou is shown to be a polite amazing singer with a sensitive personality. He is also shown to have a rocky relationship with most of his family except for his mother Hattie Mae played by Amirah Vann. For instance, whenever Bayou’s little brother and father would disparage his confidence, his mother would always step in to defend and comfort him. Bayou struggles to find his talent in singing until he meets Leanne who ends up teaching him how to read and love.

Leanne Harper is shown to be a smart and confident young woman throughout the movie. However, her parents force her to live a certain lifestyle she doesn’t want. For instance, due to Leanne’s light skin, her mother and grandfather makes her spend her life passing as a white woman even though she’s African American. However, this circumstance doesn’t prevent her from falling in love with Bayou.

The movie “A Jazzman’s Blues” was written by Tyler Perry. The movie is two hours and seven minutes long. A thing I do not like about this movie is that they made Bayou’s father a confusing character. I state this because in the movie you can’t really tell if he’s Bayou real father or not based on how he not only treats him but how he speaks to his mother when it comes to him.

I strongly recommend you watch this movie because it comes with a good life lesson behind it.