Wendell and Wild is an animated adventure

New exciting stop-motion horror movie hits Netflix Oct. 28, 2022.


Promotional poster for Wendell and Wild, a Netflix original movie that premiere Oct. 28.


The new animated film from director Henry Selick, Wendell and Wild – released on Netflix Oct. 28, 2022, brings a fun and chilling horror adventure for kids. The adventure follows Kat Elliot who tries to find peace in her past. This movie was wild and explored the pain of feeling responsible for terrible circumstances around you.

The movie brought representation and conversations on losing loved ones to stop-motion animation that has not been seen before.

Kat made relationships with people from her hometown that gave her people she could rely on. That gave the audience a story that was centered around Kat coming to terms with herself and the death of her parents.

Though the ending had a quick resolution and left questions about the demons, there was still space for Kat to have a happy ending and resolve the town issues.

The ending was missing some resolutions to not only the demons, but the corrupt powers. They were handled quickly and swiftly at the end. I feel like we needed more context to how badly things were corrupted.

The story ended with Kat settling into the past and looking forward to the future. A future that she can see and be happy with, with her support system close by. That is the healing environment that the audience will know at the end of the movie – the space Kat deserves.