College is not the only option for graduates

For many students, there are better options for after high school than college.


Ka’won Reedy

KA'WON REEDY, SNN Staff Writer

As much as teachers and parents try to force college on us and make us attend these major universities, it not necessary to go to college to make good money and be successful. Everyone isn’t built to sit in classes and study, study, study for four years.

Many young people go to school four years and work their butts off to get their bachelor’s degree and then come back home and become the new manager of Dollar General.

According to, 41% of college graduates work a job that doesn’t require a college degree. So, they waste time and money by attending college just to say they went and are thousands and thousands of dollars in debt.

Another fact from is the average cost of college is $30,000. I know people don’t have $30,000 to just be giving away. With that being said, when you decide to pursue a career you need to research it.

Don’t just think because you can make $100,000 a year that college is needed because there are jobs that pay close to six figures without a college degree. Here are some examples: nuclear power reactor operators, commercial pilots, plumbers, firefighters and radiologists. Some of these jobs are necessities for people so you’ll always have a job because people can’t live without power or plumbing.

Other alternatives other than college exist. Students can go to trade school, community college or the military. Even if you don’t want to do any one of those you can find a decent job that gets it done for you and your family and is stable.

Now, I’m not knocking college because if you’re blessed enough to have the opportunity to go then by all means go and make it happen. But students who choose not to go to college have plenty of opportunities to make a decent living.