Lakewood’s cheerleaders are unsung heroes

The Spartan cheer team is the underdog supporters behind wins



Cheerleaders practice at Boca Ciega High School before a game.


Lakewood High School is widely regarded as one of the best sports schools in the state of Florida. The football team has two going on three years of undefeated regular seasons, and the school boasts a monster of a basketball team nearly every year. But there is one team that encourages our players to do as well as they do, and it is often overlooked.

The Lakewood High School cheerleaders are the most committed fans to football and basketball I have ever seen. The cheerleaders not only come to every game, but they do their job well. Their cheers are on point, rarely ever having a flaw in their loud chants. They even follow the football team’s field position to cheer for the extra points and touchdowns. While following the team they yell chants like “Here we go Lakewood, here we go,” often getting the crowd to join in on their cheers.

The team isn’t just good at improving morale, but they have bonds that are evident just through observation. There is so much more that makes them good.

“If we all have an attitude, we’re not going to want to be around each other, but the more we are around each other, the more we bond together and love each other,” said cheer captain Sara Walker.

During the Lakewood High School vs. Largo High School game, the Spartans football team was fighting for the lead in the final minutes of the game. The Spartans cheer team stayed positive, loud and proud with their heads up until the Spartans came out on top. You could see how proud the cheer team was to have been there for the win.

Needless to say, the cheerleaders are just as good, dedicated and successful as any of the other sports teams at Lakewood. They practice nearly every day, learning new cheers and different dances to improve their game.

These proud Spartans don’t plan on slowing down in any way.