Senior athlete gets basketball scholarship

Nilah Coleman excelled on the court as well as in the classroom, her coaches said.


Senior Nilah Coleman signed to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Monday (5/17) at Lakewood High School for a basketball scholarship. She is excellent in school as well as on the court, her coach said.

“She has prioritized academics to get where she is,” girls’ basketball coach Necole Tunsil said.

At the start of her basketball career, her coaches said they were skeptical about her skill. They said she was not as good as she needed to be. However, as the years went on, she stepped up for her team in a way that was important to their season. It also helped that the team went all the way to the state semifinals this year.

Coleman also cares about her family. Her signing day was purposefully put on her grandpa’s birthday to honor the part he played in her life. The people close to her hold a special place in her heart, her teammates included, she said.

“For my team, I love you guys,” Coleman said.

All in all, Coleman has had quite the four years at Lakewood. To top it off, this last season the team went 20-5 going all the way to the state semifinals. He coaches showed nothing but gratitude.

“I’m proud. She’s like my kid. Knowing the advancement of her academic and athletic career, I am very proud,” said Shantia Grace, her lifelong mentor who attended the signing.