Football coach works with Rams

Cory Moore is one of 10 chosen to be an apprentice for the LA team.



Head football coach Cory Moore talks with his team after a game against the Clewiston Tigers in the fall of 2019. In addition to his Lakewood coaching duties, Moore also works as a scouting apprentice for the Los Angeles Rams.


Lakewood football coach Cory Moore was selected to be a scouting apprentice for the Los Angeles Rams with 10 other apprentices. Moore got the job from previous connections he had with the Rams.

“I was very excited about getting this job, because, I mean you have millions of people who love to get this opportunity. I was one of 10 people to be able to get the opportunity to be a part of this, so it’s something special,” Moore said.

Moore has been looking forward to working with the Rams for a long time.

Moore was overjoyed when he found out in March 2020 that he was chosen to attend the scouting apprentice job for the Rams.

“I got the job with the Rams just because I had been working with the organization with prior NFL football players. … We also have a lot of guys that have transitioned to play in the NFL so a lot of times, I’m in the conversation when they’re referring to a player or players character or ability, so … I have relationships with them because of that,” Moore said.

He said he loves to see the diversity in different players and the special abilities as well, so he is a good fit for this job.

“I believe I have a niche in being able to evaluate a player and by coaching so many players, it gives me the opportunity to be able to see the difference in players,” Moore said.

While being a full-time teacher and college student, Moore manages his time well.

“It’s just about balance and time but also making sure you get everything done from the standpoint of what’s important,” he said.

Lakewood varsity football player Jayden Rucker said Moore is a good fit for this job because of his coaching skills.

“I always knew coach Moore had a good eye for talent and he always notices the little things about a player,” Rucker said.

Proud sister Chantella Moore, and AVID teacher, said she was excited for her brother as well when they all got the news that he was selected as a scouting apprentice, but she was not surprised.

“I was extremely excited for him. … Coach Moore has played in and worked within the National Football League for years in various capacities. If it is to be, it will be,” she said.

Moore hopes this job takes him to the NFL someday, one of his goals for the future.

“That’s my goal and I think it’s hypocritical if I tell my kids for them to always strive toward better and strive toward being the best if I don’t do the same and practice what I preach and try to strive to be the best as well,” Moore said.