FBLA heads to states once again

After spring break, qualifying students in FBLA will be going to the Florida State Leadership Conference.



District advisor of FBLA Chris Borg speaks at an FBLA meeting Feb. 24, 2022, in T112.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) has an upcoming Florida State Leadership Conference on March 24 through March 27. Ran by Chris Borg, FBLA is staying at the Orlando Hilton hotel.

This trip is a three-day event which is different than most of their single day events. About 85 students and 8 chaperones are going, where said students will compete in various competitions including tests, presentations, and production workshops. These workshops are there to educate the students about business while also allowing for networking with students from other schools during the trip.

The cost is $275 for each ticket. To reduce the trip’s cost, FBLA students do fundraising activities such as selling slushies during lunch to help keep the trip’s cost down.

While also having fun on the trip, one night they are going to have a sit-down volleyball game. It will take place in a huge ballroom with a bunch of little volleyball nets and beach balls.

On Sunday the students have a free day, usually going places around the hotel just having fun. Last year, they played laser tag around the mall area and saw a movie.

“This is a fun event the kids look forward to and they’ll start practicing in a couple weeks once they find out their teams,” Borg said.