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Women in STEM World Partnerships Event on the LHS Campus

How can Women in STEM come together from all over the world?
Arianna Alzuphar |SNN
Girls from all over Lakewood High come in to listen to the World Partnerships in STEM meet. “So, we want to motivate and inspire and make sure you have the things in the world, knowledge and context that we really think is valuable for you,” Nielsen said.

Lakewood High School welcomed Women in STEM from all over the world Monday. There was a pharmacist from South Africa, a biologist from Uzbekistan, an engineer from Norway, an engineer from Brazil and many more.

Having all these amazing women in one room to share their perspectives and backgrounds leads to an understanding and passion for wanting to help people all over the world. Even though each woman comes from somewhere different, they all have one thing in common, wanting to help people all over the world to be the best that they can be.

Each woman can share their background and culture in a way that raises awareness for technological and environmental problems from all over. For example, the Pharmacist from South Africa uses new technology to help reach people who are struggling to get their medication. She also looks at the reasons people cannot get their medication. Is it the price? The location? The peoples’ circumstances? Those are the questions she has to answer.

Although, not only were these brilliant women passionate about what they do daily, but they were more interested in what we had to say.

The female CAT students were asked about what they struggle with in the program.

The students responded saying, “We are the only girls in our class. We have to put our foot down to be heard. Men undermine us and think we cannot do a better job than them.”

Each woman in the panel nodded their head knowingly. They understood exactly what the young women had been describing. Each woman on the panel had been undermined and underappreciated by this male-dominated career. They have to be forceful and strong to be able to be treated with respect.

These women represent that even though we are far apart, everyone can make a difference. If each person stopped and listened, we could help each other. They also taught us that sometimes life can be up and down, and even though there may be some lows everything will be okay. You can go through rough times and still be successful.


There is one thing in common between all these women, do not give up on yourself. That is one thing that we all need to hear.

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