Math club under new leadership

Lakewood students do more than ever under Ruth Hester, new sponsor after former Melissa Ostrowski leaves Lakewood.


Special to SNN

Math teacher Ruth Hester, left, and math teacher Anastasia Homan pose for a photo in matching shirts on Dec. 21 in T-201.


Mu Alpha Theta is a club led by math teacher Ruth Hester. The Florida chapter is called FAMAT or Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta. The group of students meet weekly to practice their math skills and prepare for competitions starting in January. There are bi-monthly competitions in January, February, and March. As well as a state competition that happens in April and a national competition that takes place over the summer.

During club meets, the members practice math in the subcategories they will compete in. The members also discuss upcoming events and the paperwork that needs to be done. Hester’s father, retired math teacher David MacFarlane, comes to Lakewood High School on Thursdays to work with calculus students and to help the Mu Alpha Theta group as well.

“Math isn’t a skill where you just show up and perform and hope you do well. It’s a skill you have to train, just like any other,” Hester said.

Hester believes that math gives individuals the skills necessary for navigating life and finances. Before Hester took over the math club, she helped the former sponsor by attending meets and answering questions.

“Math club is our school competing against other schools, not an internal school competition. We’re a team and we will accept anyone on our team,” Hester said.

Hester was a member of Mu Alpha Theta as a high school student and remembers the good memories along with the “community feel” she gained from it. The positivity she experienced within the organization is what she wants to create for her students and her club members at Lakewood High School.

“My life is better off for having been trained well in Mathematics as a young person and I know everyone else would also improve their futures by putting some time into their math skills. Plus, we have fun when we get together,” Hester said.