CJAM’s new podcast and recording booth

Helios Education Foundation helped CJAM expand options for Lakewood students.


Bella Croteau practices using the new podcasting equipment. The podcast booth consists of an AT2020 Audio-Technica microphone and TASCAM Mixcast 4 Podcast Mixer. “It was fun because I’ve always admired podcasters and now that’s a possiblity for Lakewood,” Croteau said.

JULES EAST, SNN Staff Writer

CJAM has begun putting together a new Podcast booth for CJAM students to use. The podcast booth will be used for CJAM students and guests. To use the podcast booth, contact a CJAM student and bring a proposal to journalism teacher Chris Mosher. The booth will be set up in the library to provide additional sound isolation.

The Helios Education Foundation donated $514.95 to fund the “Find It Fund It Florida” grant to pay for the new podcast booth and equipment. The booth is currently built and ready to use, but additional soundproofing is in the works.

The podcast booth will be used for CJAM students to talk about a diverse range of topics, such as news, trends, movies, the Lakewood Campus and give students a chance to experience a new type of journalism that they have never experienced before.

“There are a lot of students who are interested in working on podcasts because they are listening to podcasts and they want to be producing the type of entertainment they are consuming, so it will be used for news purpose, but it will also be more fun than just writing and taking pictures of stuff that we normally do. So, it will spice up the different options that they (CJAM students) have,” Mosher said.