Lakewood gaming club is back

Run by journalism teacher Christopher Mosher in C-100, gaming club is back for another year.



Freshman Carlson Gooding picks a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate map for the Gaming Club to play in journalism teacher and club sponsor Christopher Mosher’s classroom in October. The club plays on a balanced map because it shows your skill at the game. “I like Final Destination because it’s a good normal stage,” Gooding said.


This year at Lakewood High School, there will be a gaming club for all students who are interested. They can join whenever they like during lunch in room C-100, the club being run by journalism teacher Christopher Mosher.

Compared to some ‘E-sports’ things in the past, this more “unofficial” club is much more relaxed, and more so just an open place to socialize and play games with friends.

The games featured at the gaming club are Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch (up to eight players at once) and Injustice 2 on Xbox Series S (up to two players). Besides the actual gaming aspect of the club, you are also free to go to the gaming club during lunch if you’re just looking for a place to study and do work.

One recurring member of the gaming club, Junior Elijah Sellers had many good things to say about the club.

“This club brings a lot of people together and gives people a common ground so they can interact without feeling like they need to follow any school norms, or whatever, like instead just being yourself and talking about something you have in common,” Sellers said.

When asked about the gaming club’s current status, Sellers said he enjoys the “chill” atmosphere but also is hopeful and excited about the possibility of some organized tournaments and other things of the sort.

Another recurring member, Junior Malach McGore also enjoys the club, however states further how he’d like there to be after-school meetings too.

“If we could do it after school, like on some days instead of just during lunch, it would be better because we would have more time,” McGore said.