No caps and gowns… yet

The graduation garb was supposed to be at Lakewood nearly two weeks ago, but seniors have been assured that it will be here by graduation.


Seniors from last year’s Class of 2021, dressed in their caps and gowns, listen to a speaker during the ceremony at Tropicana Field.


Many teachers and students were surprised on April 28, the day Lakewood High School’s seniors were to be fitted for their graduation caps and gowns, when there were no caps nor gowns in sight.

The fitting day on a Thursday was part of Senior Week, five days of activities celebrating seniors. The caps and gowns should arrive next week, though they originally were going to be on campus by April 23.

Senior Ixavier Cox said he heard the caps and gowns were not in as soon as he got to school.

“I heard it from word of mouth. I got to school and a few people who were friends with administrators … told me,” Cox said.

Gym teacher and senior class supervisor Chantella Moore said the cap and gowns will arrive before May 19.

“I’ve been assured they’ll be here before graduation,” she said.

But their late arrival has caused anxiety for many students.

“It would just suck after 13 years or so of hard work in school to not be able to wear them when we graduate,” Cox said.

This is not a Lakewood-specific issue, Moore said. It is a county-wide issue, as most of the district uses the same vendor as Lakewood. Due to COVID-19 the vendors are still struggling to meet demands with “a skeleton crew,” Moore said.