C-wing teachers move as renovations to start soon

The teachers who went to A-wing and B-wing are all set in their new classrooms, but several upstairs C-wing teachers are still awaiting the move to portables.



Boxes sit on the tables in art teacher Jayce Ganchou’s room in C-wing ready to be stored or moved to his temporary classroom in A-wing. The packing process took weeks because of the numerous supplies and pieces of artwork he had in his class. “It was NOT fun. Lots of stuff in lots of boxes and lots of help from my kiddos to help move to A207…that’s lots of boxes, lots of trips up the elevator and over to A-wing,” Ganchou said.


Everyone knows that C-wing needs renovations. From broken air conditioning to water-stained ceiling panels, it’s one of the buildings that has long awaited remodeling. Now it’s finally time.

Planning for the renovation first started in December 2019, but the project has seen many obstacles. COVID-19 caused a delay as well as a variety of district-based hurdles and many meetings. However, principal Erin Savage announced this year that the project would at long last start, and by mid-May most of the C-wing teachers had moved to new locations.

The renovation will bring new floors, ceilings, lights and paint. Many teachers said they also are hoping too for more accessible restrooms, more space-efficient classroom set-ups and more regulated air conditioning. After C-wing is renovated, the Catcom room, the 400 Wing, B-wing and A-wing will also get a makeover. The project should be completed by the start of 2022 school year.

“One of the biggest things is once they break down a wall, they don’t always know what’s behind,” Savage said.

Teachers started their move out of C-wing to other buildings on April 1, a process the teachers have been handling well, packing up boxes, taking supplies, books and posters that may have been up for years and moving them from their room to the next.

Social studies teacher Milisa Samm was one of the first to move. She packed up boxes and gave them to the custodial staff and a group of teachers’ assistants sent by librarian Heather Robinson, and they moved the classroom from C206 to B201.

It took only two days, and the move went smoothly.

“The custodial staff were phenomenal,” Samm said.

As someone with experience teaching in portables from previous schools, Samm said she was thrilled to be moved to B-wing, with its improved space and other positives.

“I love the B-building, it’s quiet here, newer … I love the view,” she said.

In addition to Samm, English teacher Elizabeth Halstead moved to A210, English teacher Chris Mosher moved to A204, journalism teachers Kathleen Tobin and Jade Shiver moved to A106, art teacher Sandra Bourne moved to A110, art teacher Jayce Ganchou moved to A207, English teacher Teresa Munson moved to B101, English teacher Jacob Kowalczyk moved to B207 and behavior specialist Allison Biloski moved to B204.

Not all C-wing teachers have had it that easy, however. Teachers moving to portables still were waiting for a move-in date the first week of May. Placed at the back of the campus near the football field, the 12 portable classrooms have been in construction for more than a month, and the process has been anything but simple. There’s general construction, including installing exterior weather protections, electric hook-ups and a security system.

The moving process is being overseen by head plant operator Austin Simmons.

“It’s been a smooth process now that we have a game plan and know where everyone is moving to,” he said.

English teacher Joseph Lippitt, in C200, has had his boxes packed for weeks and is just waiting for the go-ahead. Before the move, he said, there were many unknowns, much like how this year has gone as a whole.

“Teachers in general have to be patient and flexible, and this year is really putting that to the test,” Lippitt said.

In addition to Lippitt, teachers James Jackson, Cory Moore, Chantella Moore, Melia Garcia, Tracy Teartt and Clacci Harmon will be moving to the portables.

Simmons said right now the move-back date for C-wing teachers is tentatively set for the end of October.

“But I don’t believe we’re going to make it back by that time due to the whole process taking longer than expected,” he said.

Even though it may seem like forever away, the C-wing remodeling has already started, and the future of the Lakewood campus gets a little brighter with every meeting and move.

“It takes a little while to get moving, but it’s coming,” Savage said.