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Editorial: Lakewood High School is Leveling Up

Lakewood has initiated a lot of new changes this year to help them meet their new goals and proves that change isn’t always a bad thing.
Taleah Thomas |SNN
Vibe Poster hangs by the Library on Sept. 5. These are the expectations enforced by Lakewood High School to ensure success amongst the scholars.

Every Lakewood student has seen the posters of “Lakewood’s Mission” this year which displays goals written out by new Lakewood High School Principal Connisheia Garcia.  Goals such as higher graduation rate, positive school climate and overall student involvement.

But what is Lakewood doing to help reach these goals? And is it working? Lakewood Highschool is leveling up this year and you can feel it.

This school year there have been a lot of changes such as the new cell-phone policy, dress code change, and overall attitude. More students want to show their school spirit and want to be here. Lakewood is a living example that change can be for the better.

One of the most notable changes Lakewood has gone through this year has been the new cell phone policy. The cell-phone policy means that students must have all electronic devices powered off and put away during instructional time.

A main goal for Lakewood Highschool this year was to get rid of distractions. These distractions being things like cellphones and dress code. “We want to eliminate any distractions so people can focus on learning in the classroom,” CAT Assistant Principal Lukas Hefty said.

Another thing different about Lakewood this year is the new branding around the school. The school has been adding new posters and murals around the campus.

“Try to create a really nice space on campus where people want to be,” Hefty said.

All these changes are working because teachers are noticing how students are more engaged and want to participate in school activities.

“Just seeing how students are like, wanting to be here makes my job easier,” English teacher Elizabeth Halstead said.

Having students who are interacting and taking a part in class is so crucial when it comes to teachers being able to do their jobs.  Eliminating the distractions in the classroom can help scholars focus on their classwork and ultimately steers Lakewood toward their higher graduation rate goal.

And it’s not just teachers that agree that the cell-phone policy and dress code change is helping.

“With the recent changes I’ve actually felt like coming to school,” Senior Jaiden Hubbard said.

Creating an environment that promotes success and learning while also making it fun is so imperative to Lakewood reaching its goals. With the changes that Lakewood has been initiating this year they are building this environment and creating a space that students want to be in.

Changes like these isn’t just for the sole purpose of making ‘teachers’ job easier’ but to help nurture and cultivate success for the students that go here. These changes are for the better and will not only impact students’ success now but also the success in their futures.

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