Sunshine, culture and community

St. Petersburg has come a long way in the past decade, transitioning from a place with little going on to a city full of life and culture.

The moon rises over a hazy St. Petersburg skyline after dark on Sept. 22. “Downtown is really pretty at night with all the lights,” junior Alex Reilly said.

MAYA RISH, SNN Staff Writer

In this series of photos, SNN highlights what it is that makes the city special. Whether it’s the nightlife, wildlife or beautiful outdoor spaces, it’s the people who live here that give the city that St. Pete vibe. A growing number of events and meet-ups are bringing people together – at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, the skate park at Campbell Park or the brand-new Pier. With year-round sunshine, blue skies and so many outdoor choices, residents have been able to enjoy themselves safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are just a few examples.