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The SAT Is the Ticket to Success!

It is that time of year and SAT and ACT testing is just around the corner.
Mark Halloway | SNN
DeMarria Raiford and Siena Van Beynen complete math practice questions on Feb. 2 in Syreta Snead’s classroom. Students were practicing for an upcoming test.

This year, the SAT testing will be held on Oct. 11 for seniors and the PSAT within the first and second week of October for all other grade levels. The ACT will be on Oct. 17 through Oct.20 at Lakewood High School.

The SAT is a particularly important test which can help students get into the colleges or universities they want depending on their score.

Many seniors over the summer do SAT prep to help them reach their SAT goals.

“I do IXL to try to improve my math score,” Senior Jilly Anna Rivera-Adams said.

There are plenty of resources that students can utilize to do better on this test. Resources like Kahn Academy, IXL, College Board and even certain books can be extremely helpful. There are also resources in school like the college and career center.

Junior Erin Tully recommends the Princeton Review SAT prep book because it has a lot of useful tips regarding how to take the SAT.

Prepping for the SAT can seem like a stressful ordeal. A lot of students assume that they must get a perfect score to get into the college they want but that is not the case.

“There is no universal definition of a good SAT score,” Assistant Principal for Curriculum Joseph Serra said.

Some colleges have different expectations for the scores they want on SATs, so it is imperative that students investigate what SAT scores their preferred college requires, and for them to work towards that score.

Which is also why the PSAT is so important. The PSAT is like a pretest that Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors take for the SAT. The PSAT is great because it can help students figure out what they need to work on to get the score they want.

“I did not know what I was up for when I took it (PSAT),” Tully said.

For a lot of students, the PSAT can come as a surprise, but it really is the ultimate tool to be successful getting into the college of choice.

The PSAT holds a lot of benefits. It lets students see what they can work on to get a better score and can even get students full ride scholarships with programs like National Merit.

For juniors and seniors who have not yet met graduation requirements there is also the ACT. Lakewood Highschool offers an in-school ACT that can be used to meet graduation requirements.

This ACT is incredibly special because students get three times the amount of time needed to take the test. Time is usually the biggest enemy when it comes to taking the SAT and ACT taking this measure with the ACT ensures that these students can get the best score they can.

It is extremely important that student’s especially underclassmen are aware of significance of the SAT and ACT on their futures. Understanding the benefits that test like PSAT can help gear students to ultimate success. So, seniors’ good luck on the SAT or ACT and juniors, sophomores and freshmen go investigate more about the PSAT!

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