The NFL Super Bowl LVII Recap

Kansas City Chiefs win 38-35 vs. Philadelphia Eagles.


National Football League (NFL)

Promotional logo for the Super Bowl LVII, which took place Feb. 12.


This year’s NFL Super Bowl was Feb. 12 in Arizona, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the game by a score of 38-35 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles and Chiefs offenses started the game off hot by both teams scoring touchdowns on their first drives. The Eagles defense did not play to full potential in the Super Bowl. They did not sack quarterback Patrick Mahomes once in the whole game, and only had a few QB hits. This is taking nothing away from how good the Chiefs offensive line was in the game.

By halftime, the Eagles had a 24-14 lead over the Chiefs. On the Chiefs last play of the half Mahomes was tackled and re-injured his ankle and limped off the field.

Rihanna then went on to perform a great half time show while Mahomes was in the locker room getting worked on to get ready for the second half.

After Halftime, the Chiefs came out firing scoring a touchdown on their first drive of the second half.  In the 3rd quarter the Chiefs held the Eagles to only 3 points.

Starting the 4th quarter, the Eagles were ahead by just one touchdown, with the Chiefs heating up. The Chiefs kept fire and score 14 points to make it a 35-28. The Eagles drove down the field and tied the game with 3 minutes left.

The Chiefs had the ball and were driving down field while trying to waste time on the clock. They get the ball down to the 3-yard line and then waste clock, then they kick a field goal to take a 3-point lead with 15 seconds left in the game.

The Eagles got the ball and had a failed Hail Mary attempt, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes wins his second ring and won his second Super Bowl MVP, marking his name in with some greats.