Editorial: senior year is a series of unfortunate events

This senior year has been nothing but less-than-ideal mistakes.



Senior Makieha Smith poses for a photo in the gym on Oct. 14 after taking the senior yearbook photo.

Senior year for every graduating class will be a year to remember whether its good memories or bad memories. Class of 2023 is going to fall under the bad memories. Although they aren’t all terrible, there have been so many big main events that have made seniors feel like their last year has been stripped away and will never be made up for.

What ever happened to the parking spot painting that all the seniors who drive already paid for in the beginning of the year? The spot was $15 and yet we never got a meeting about it, we never got a text about it, and never got told where the $15 was going to since we all had to buy our own equipment and paint. Students were told that it would be a big event with all your friends to be able to enjoy painting the spots but only when the weather cleared up. We can all understand in the beginning of the year because it was raining most of the days. But, if you look at the weather from mid to late September and all of October, the weather has been clear and very beautiful.

Also, the hurricane ruined our spirit week and homecoming game and even our afterward was terrible. We’re not saying it was the school’s fault, what we are going to say is that was their fault was that there was no makeup spirit week. To whoever is controlling the spirit week, did you ever think about how that effects your seniors that you said would be “the best and favorite graduating class”? We didn’t even get to decorate any hallways for seniors or wear red until getting a last-minute text – isn’t that tradition? This was a terrible experience and honestly the seniors this year have had the worst high school experience to imagine.

And let’s not forget homecoming night getting flooded by cops and patting down everyone in the area. There are still students confused about that night whether it was a prank or did the boy really text his friends that he made it the school in time. We need to acknowledge how terrible this year has truly been. Even something so small as construction has totally ruined this year. When will it get better? Even our teachers who have been here since our 9th grade year are fleeing before we even graduate. It’s sad knowing they no longer have any Spartans pride and are “silent-quitting” and doing the bare minimum while we are just trying to graduate and get our last credits.

This all boils down to mainly the lack of communication this school has whether that be with staff and teachers or staff and students. This has been the worst high school experience for this graduating class, and we need to start trying to do more to make up for it. All out seniors have majority of their requirements, and some are taking apex classes. How about we start up the communication and make it so that seniors won’t keep losing their teachers to lack of communication. Also, how’s about we try and talk to our seniors for real this time? It’s not only supposed to be less stressful your senior year but also memorable. All we have are bad memories throughout it all. More events, more fundraisers with our entire graduating class, themed sports games, decorating the school that we have left. There is so much more that we can do. All that needs to be done is send out a message with clear directions, make announcements about meetings we should all attend, and talk to us.

To improve our senior year, they need to make it memorable. We lost two years during covid, lost decent class time during out junior year because of teachers starting off their “silent quitting.” We just need one year to finally appreciate our graduating class. We need to really put more efforts into making this year’s senior year something that will never be forgotten and always be cherished. You have people who represent our senior class so why not let them come up with events and cool ideas or have meetings and chats with seniors. Allow us to speak and create memories instead of just canceling everything overall because of some mess ups and obstacles.