Softball season is starting

Two new coaches have been recruited to help kick off Lakewood’s new team.



Coaches Melia Garcia and Necole Tunsil talks to the softball team after they lost to Gibbs High School on March1 at Lake Vista.


Lakewood High School has been without a softball team for a year due to the lack of players. This year, Lakewood proudly is starting a new season with new coaches and a full team.

The new softball coaches include history teacher Melia Garcia and reading teacher and basketball coach Necole Tunsil. They were both recruited recently to help mentor the new players on the field.

“I’m naturally competitive and when it comes to Lakewood, I refuse to lose. We just don’t go out there and fight, we know we’ve got to give it all,” Tunsil said. “If you cut me, I’ll bleed black and gold. I’ll do anything to keep Lakewood on top.”

The team had to forfeit the first game on Feb. 23 against St. Petersburg High School. They were scheduled to play Gibbs High School tonight at 7 p.m. at Lakewood.

Both the team and coaches say they are ready to face the field and give it their all.

Garcia has been playing softball since she was 4 years old all the way up until college.

“I’m hoping to get a couple wins on the board,” she said.

Tunsil has experience coaching softball as well, though she said she is grateful to have Garcia by her side.

“I’m blessed to have coach Garcia who has played softball in college as she is voluntarily assisting with softball. I’m excited,” Tunsil said.

Currently, there are 11 players on the team. Sophomore Macie Sullivan said she is excited to be on the softball team with such dedicated coaches to run the team.

“Being on a team is really impactful. I made a lot of friends especially through the soccer team and I’m guessing (I’ll) make some friends in softball, too,” she said.

Garcia said there are a couple of things the team needs to work on. She said she wants to make sure the girls are in the appropriate positions that are best suited for them and their skill set.

“The things that they are not good at are what we are going to target in practice. All we’re going to work on is our communication, different batting techniques (and) pitching techniques,” Garcia said. “Whatever it is that we need to have to be successful … so that it’s not just a team anymore. It’s a family.”