Student surrealist art: the Dali Museum

Two student artworks feature in the Dali Museum for this year’s Student Surrealist Art competition.


The Dali hosts a surrealist art exhibition with a different topic each year. The inspiration for this year’s topic, “The Shape of Dreams,” came from Sigmund Freud’s theories on dream interpretation. Often referring to his creations as “hand-painted dream photos,” Salvador Dali.

This year’s art topic encourages students to consider their own dreams and develop their own interpretations of those dreams. Lakewood’s 2D art instructor Saundra Bourne chose scholars from her class to take part in this wonderful art exhibition.

“I start thinking about surreal themed exercises and lessons starting in August. I start thinking about it at the beginning of the year,” Bourne said.

She said it’s incredibly wonderful to witness the artwork created by her kids in a museum of this caliber.

There were two of her students in the exhibit, juniors Calya Lineman and Julian Torrens, who were required to turn in their work by the end of the year, but they started incredibly early so they may fix any mistakes that may have occurred at the last minute.

“It’s extremely exciting, you know, it’s a world-class museum so it’s a delight to see and have their art shown in the Dali Museum,” Bourne said.

Students and teachers are wondering what the topic for the following year will be as the sponsors of the museum’s surrealist art display comes to an end.