SAVE promise club celebrates trusted adults during Say Something week

Getting back from spring break, SAVE Promise Club hosted Say Something week.



Senior Ciretee Carter poses with a SAVE Promise Club sign on March 29 for Start With Hello Week.


Lakewood students planned events each day to honor the trusted adults of Lakewood High School.

Last week, the SAVE Promise club of Lakewood High School held Say Something week, a week of events for students on campus. The club is made up of a group of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), promoting inclusivity, kindness, friendship and trust within our community.

Beginning on March 20, SAVE Club started off the week with a teacher banner for anyone to write down who their trusted adult is.

This month, the importance of trusted adults is highlighted to give them the recognition they may not get often. The trusted adults banner was signed by the trusted adults who were named, in order to convey their support.

On the second day of the Say Something week, a table event was done during lunch. Spartans were given the opportunity to write thank you letters for their trusted adults. The letters could have had their name on it, or it could have been anonymous. SAVE club leaders collected the letters to give to the teachers/administration chosen as trusted adults.

For the third day, everyone was encouraged to wear green to represent the club and the meaning of the event. During lunch, volunteers in the group sold Crush sodas to raise money for upcoming events while spreading the word about SAVE Club’s purpose.

A photobooth cutout was made for the fourth day of the week. Spartans of Lakewood were able to take selfies with the “I made a promise to…” photobooth to post to their social medias. It was encouraged for participants to use the hashtag “SAVE promise club” and “I made a promise” to honor the group’s promise to protect our school and prevent violence in the community.

Finally, the last day of Say Something week, a poster was up for students to write “I say something because…” Volunteers helped their peers get their words on the poster to get others interested in what the team is all about.

“The week was another success,” Dickerson said.