The OneBlood truck will be arriving soon

The Big Red Bus will be back to Lakewood Feb. 16.



Poster for the NHS blood drive on Feb. 16.

JULES EAST, SNN Staff Writer

The National Honors Society will be hosting a blood drive on Feb. 16. The One Blood Donation truck will be arriving at the LHS campus at 8 a.m. and will stay till 1:30 p.m. The blood that is donated will go to people at local hospitals in Florida.

In past years other clubs have hosted the blood drive and NHS members would help participate, but last year the NHS decided to coordinate the whole blood drive event.

NHS members will be recruiting other students to donate blood and will be informing them about the benefits of doing so. NHS members will be helping to guide the students to the truck and make sure that everything is organized.

According to One Blood Organization, One Blood is a non-profit community asset that provides safe and affordable blood to more than 200 hospitals.

Last year’s blood drive was extremely successful with 25 individuals donating blood. Those 25 individuals that donated blood saved 75 other people’s lives. If 100 people donated blood, they could save up to 300 individuals.

When someone donates their blood, they receive snacks and sometimes One Blood merchandise in return for donating.

“Just knowing that people in our community are being saved because of such a small action makes such a big impact [on students] and it shows our students that just a little bit of giving can make a big difference in other people.” NHS Sponsor Heather Robinson stated.