Students gather for climate change seminar

Visited by guest speaker Ashley Young, students attended a presentation on helping the environment.


Guest speaker from Action for the Climate Emergency Ashley Young speaks to Lakewood students Nov. 2 in the media center. Young was giving a talk about the importance of younger people taking initiative in fixing the climate. “This isn’t about climate change, it’s about climate justice,” Young said.


Three classes gathered in the media center on Nov. 2 to listen to a presentation about climate change. The speaker was Ashley Young from nonprofit organization Action for the Climate Emergency. The event was organized by Women in STEM sponsor and science teacher Elisa Sasserath.

Young gave examples of how American citizens and especially teens are affected by climate change. She also talked about the importance of a young person’s involvement in keeping the environment healthy and how to be involved because it will impact them the most.

“This isn’t about climate change, it’s about climate justice,” Young said.