It’s time to live drug-free

Students are encouraged next week to join the Live Free Club in celebration of Red Ribbon Week to spread awareness about drug abuse.



With a focus on helping communities stay drug free, the Live Free Club will be sponsoring Red Ribbon Week once again this year, Oct. 24 through Oct. 28, to celebrate life and spread awareness of the dangers of violence, drugs and alcohol.

Here at Lakewood Red Ribbon Week will be co-sponsored and celebrated by ALMA teacher Erika Miller. A variety of different events will be going on such as giveaways, lots of educational information around campus, things such as drug-free themed window/door decorating contests, banners to sign and more to come that will be said on the announcements.

“I look forward to red ribbon week so I can learn more about drugs and alcohol and maybe even finding out about some stuff I didn’t know,” Sophomore Neveah Drake said.

Live Free partnered with the SAVE Promise Club to promote drug and alcohol-free lifestyles.

Miller plans to get people to participate by offering giveaways. Particularly red items, to encourage students together so they can gain information about why to be drug and alcohol free. Students are encouraged to wear red on Wednesday specifically.

“I definitely want to encourage and see people live drug and alcohol-free lifestyles,” Miller Said.