Journalism teacher welcomes baby boy

CJAM photojournalism teacher Jade Shiver is on leave and will return in mid-February.



Photojournalism teacher Jade Shiver sits with her newborn son Isaac Julius Miller, while on maternity leave.


Photojournalism teacher Jade Shiver had a baby boy on Nov. 4 and won’t be back to school until mid- February.

“I was hoping for a girl at first, but I couldn’t be happier after meeting him,” she said.

Shiver and her husband, Cameron Miller, named the baby Isaac Julius Miller.

“My husband actually came up with the name. He just walked around the corner and suggested it,” Shiver said.

Isaac means “he who laughs” and it comes from the Bible. The story is that Abraham and Sarah didn’t believe they could have a child because of their age but God blessed them with a baby.

“My husband and I also laughed from disbelief when we found out. So, the name is fitting,” Shiver said.

Journalism teacher Kathleen Tobin said she was happy for Shiver, though she misses her.

“It’s hard in this type of class where everyone is going in different directions, so I miss having her as a co-teacher,” Tobin said.

In the meantime, Lakewood 2018 graduate Jorden Pompey is the long-term sub for Shiver.

‘’I’m enjoying it right now; it’s a different experience every day,” said Pompey, who was part of the Center for Journalism and Multimedia and the SNN photo editor his senior year.

Overall, Shiver said Isaac is a good baby, getting her up only a couple of times a night.

“We’ve only had one bad night when he couldn’t sleep at all,” she said.

She said the best part about having a baby is looking into his eyes.

“I cry from happiness so often. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have a healthy, happy baby and family,” she said.

The toughest part is that she worries about every little thing that could happen to him.

“I guess that’s parenthood,” she said.