Live drug free!

The Lakewood high school’s LiveFree! club hosts a week-long pledge to live drug free.


Sponsored by Lakewood high school’s LiveFree! Club, the week of October 25 through 29 is Red Ribbon Week, a nation-wide drug-free pledge week. The club run by health science teacher Erika Miller is using the week to bring awareness to the dangers of drug/substance misuse, alcohol dangers, as well as promoting healthy choices and lifestyles.

They are also setting up various tables, pledges, merchandise, and more over the week to encourage student participation in the event and choosing a drug-free life as a whole. Principal Erin Savage is making informational announcements every day of the week over the school’s intercom.

“Red Ribbon Week is all about making healthy choices, and that includes more than living drug-free,” Savage said.