New NBA YoungBoy album sets the music world ablaze

Realer 2, new album by NBA YoungBoy came out Sept. 6.


When the album, Realer 2, by well-known rapper NBA YoungBoy came out on Sept. 6 people went crazy, and they were quite happy. He was all over the internet – people were blasting his music in their headphones, they were using his songs for things like Snapchat and Instagram, he was everywhere.

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known using stage-name NBA YoungBoy was born on Oct. 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He dropped his first album called Mind of a Menace in 2015 but the artist didn’t “blow up” until 2018 when he released the hit single Untouchable.

YoungBoy is rather creative when it comes to music. He switches up his genres, he does rock, rap, pop, and even romantic songs, and many fans praise him for this variety.

This album is one of his best rated albums yet, with one of his songs getting quite popular, this song being Dangerous Love. Many people are enjoying the song because it’s a love song and easy to relate to. One of NBA YoungBoy’s goals is to make his music relatable, and many of his listeners find it to be just that. This whole album holds a theme of love, whether it’s hidden in the meaning of the songs or the lyrics themselves. There are 13 songs on this album.

I think his old album is better than his new one because I can relate to his backstory. His new album sounds violent and dangerous to me, and I can’t relate to it as much as his older ones. Two of my favorites from the album however are Put it on Me and Dangerous Love.

Overall, the new NBA YoungBoy album is alright. I didn’t like most of the songs and I would choose his older albums any day.