Did you know Sherlock had a sister?

Netflix’s new movie, Enola Holmes, is dripping with wit and charm as it tells the story of the British detective’s younger sister.

BY JACK LAND, SNN Staff Writer

Everyone knows the daring and whimsical adventures of the detective Sherlock Holmes, but did you now he also had a younger sister?

Enola Holmes, directed by Harry Bradbeer, follows the story of 16-yearold Enola Holmes (played by Millie Bobby Brown) as she tries to find her missing mother.

At first, she only runs away from her brother, Mycroft Holmes, because she does not want to be sent to finishing school. Enola then finds herself entangled into the life and troubles of the young Lord Tewksbury. Using only her wits and instincts, Enola must now solve the mystery of the Tewksbury family and find her mother before it is too late.

The film itself is dripping with charm and wit, especially from Enola herself as she speaks directly to the audience about her plans. The style is like that of Wes Anderson, though perhaps with more color variety than warm tones.

But what it makes up for in charm and adventure, it lacks in consistency. Many times, throughout the movie we are pulled away from important plot points, which in the end are never fixed nor addressed. It is a rollercoaster of events that seem to have no conclusion, and in its fast-paced nature it cannot go back to address very important points.

This is not helped by the character and uncaring nature of Enola. She is almost too perfect, and unlikable because of her uncaring nature toward others. Her motivation to help Lord Tewksbury is not entirely clear, and it seems to be a complete turnaround from her character, because throughout the film she is perfectly content to be alone and wants nothing more than to remain so.

Even with its flaws, Enola Holmes is nonetheless a charming and fun film for all ages. With its fun fast paced word-play riddles, fast and witty dialogue, and occasional audience participation, it leaves the audience in an adventurous mood, and perhaps a bit more interested in Scrabble.

The stellar performance of Millie Bobby Brown really brings the movie to life, and paired with the gorgeous cinematography of Giles Nuttgens, it really makes the audience enter into the whimsical fairy tale adventure that is Enola Holmes.