Little bags, big hit


A new trend has swept Lakewood: little bags. Bloomingdale bags are popping up all over campus. They are recognizable by their signature block lettering that mimics the Bloomingdale department store logo. The best part is that these bags are available in a variety of colors; brown, yellow, pink, gold, silver, clear and even cheetah print.

This gives students a variety of options to express their unique style.

“I don’t really see many people with this one. I wanted to be different,” said freshman Cheyanne Wilson, who sports a little pink bag.

Depending on the bag’s style or color, the label changes. So you may see a little brown bag here, a little pink bag there and even a wild brown bag. Freshman Serenity Moody is one of the students who has been carrying one of these bags around.

The bags are cute and functional.

“I use it to carry my personal belongings, so I don’t have to put anything in my pocket or jacket. I can just carry it around in my bag,” Moody said.

Not only are these bags useful, their price range is reasonable. These bags are available at Bloomingdales. com. They range from $28-$36. Keep your eyes peeled for this latest trend.