New teacher takes the ‘Raines’

AMSET teacher Sierra Raines recently got her master’s degree in global sustainability at the University of South Florida.

KA’WON REEDY, SNN Staff Writer

Sierra Raines is the new AMSET teacher, replacing former teacher Rachel Fawaz.

Raines grew up in West Palm Beach and attended Park Vista High School. Shortly after she graduated, she moved to Tampa where she attended the University of South Florida.

Before she came to Lakewood, she was working on her master’s degree, which involved global sustainability and environmental outreach.

“I spent a lot of time in my program working on my research project, which was on environmental education and outreach,” Raines said.

So far, she said she has been enjoying the new experience at Lakewood High School.

“All of the students and faculty have been so friendly and welcoming during my first week here, and I’m looking forward to meeting even more of you all,” she said.

Raines said she has always been passionate about environmental science.

“Living in Florida has given me the opportunity to work with and study many different marine and aquatic environments. I am very excited to work with the AMSET and marine science students to introduce them to all of those topics,” she said.

Raines is not married but lives with her boyfriend of seven years and they share two dogs, Lilly, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, and Leo, an Australian shepherd. St. Petersburg is kind of new to her, having just moved here from Tampa, so she does a little bit of exploring in her free time.

“I also enjoy taking my dogs to Fort De Soto Park and going kayaking,” Raines said.