The Blue-Eyed Samurai Review: The Best Netflix Animation Production since Arcane

The Blue-Eyed Samurai was recently released on Netflix, it’s an animated show that foreshadows a samurai who plans to get revenge on her mothers’ killers.
Promotional material for Blue Eyed Samurai
Promotional material for Blue Eyed Samurai

Blue eyed Samurai is show that released on Nov.3rd 2023, that has received massive critic and audience acclaim, which can be most easily seen through it’s very impressive 100% score on Rotten Tomato’s.

In the show Mizu is a woman and an outcast, because of the color of her eyes and her half white nature. All her life she was severely mistreated, and she got severely bullied as a child. Her mother told her that she always hides her eyes and must act and look like a man so that she doesn’t get killed, making the show somewhat similar to the Disney film “Mulan,” in terms of setting and premise. However, what makes Mizu becomes a demon known as the “Blue eyed Samurai,” in order to seek revenge on four white man that could possibly be her father.

The story line in this show is amazing, Mizu serves as an excellent somewhat morally grey protagonist that will do almost anything to get her revenge. The graphics were stunning to say the very least and the setting’s shown throughout the show never ceased to amaze the sheer beauty throughout Japan. The animation is very smooth and easy to follow, allowing for great displays of beauty and action simultaneously. The fights especially were easy to follow as they weren’t to choppy or blurry and were smooth with great choreography.

The story is simply amazing, it was perfectly paced and allowed for much breathing room for the characters and plot beats. The plot is immediately engaging as the audience sympathizes with Mizu’s struggle in her life of not being accepted for the way she was born by either race she is part of.

Overall, this is a spectacular show that is most certainly worth your time as it’s pretty short only being 8 episodes. Cliff hangers are a bit of love it or hate it aspect of shows but the Cliff hanger in this show is done wonderfully. I can say that this show defiantly leaves me for one very excited for next season and I couldn’t recommend it enough to you regardless of the kind of show your into, because it really is that endearing of a show.

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