Move now to try the new Coke flavor

Coke launched a new limited-edition flavor.


JULES EAST, SNN Staff Writer

Coke has partnered with Grammy-award-winning Rosalia to create a new limited-edition Coke flavor named Move. The company states that the flavors of the drink are supposed to represent a mood with its bold and delicate flavors.  

The packaging design for the new flavor includes vibrant colors of pink and a simple black or white, which represents Rosalia’s contrast. The bottle also includes sketches that Rosalia drew herself while sampling Coca-Cola.  

Many find it hard to describe the taste of the new flavor, but everyone can agree that it has a very unique taste.  Some say that it has a sweet marshmallow taste, while others say that it tastes like rose. A lot of consumers say that it reminds them of last year’s Coke flavor, Starlight.  

While it has the same appearance as the original Coca-Cola, the taste seems to have thrown everyone for a loop.  

I’ve found the new flavor tastes very sweet, almost like marshmallow. It has an aftertaste of coconut, but also has a somewhat powdery chalky feel. While it does have a unique taste, it still maintains the classic Coca-cola look.  

Just like the previous flavor, Starlight, there are multiple interpretations of what this new flavor tastes like. Some people consider it to be a hit, while others find it to be disgusting.  

The zero-sugar version also seems to have a different taste than the one with sugar. The one with sugar has a very sweet taste, like cake or a sugar cookie, while the one without sugar tastes fruity, like a mango.  

In my opinion, the new Coke flavor is definitely worth trying because of how each person has a different idea of what it tastes like. I fully believe that each person that tries this new flavor will be happily surprised.