The second season of Vinland Saga brings great improvement

Plot twists and imagery of the new season in Vinland saga bring stark improvement.



Promotional poster for Vinland Saga.

ILOA JAMES, SNN Staff Writer

Vinland Saga is a Japanese animated TV show that is now airing its newest season. It is made and written by Makoto Yukimura – Wit Studios. A boy named Thorfin finds himself on a quest to take revenge on his fathers’ killer, on a journey that later scars him.

In the end of the first season after spending all his childhood trying to take revenge on his father’s killer, he fails to realize without his hatred to avenge his father there is nothing else driving him to live. He begins to question himself onto what he is going to do on his own now.

Throughout the following newest season Thorfin starts his new journey as a slave to start his life over and find his new life’s purpose.

I loved the plot of this story. The pacing was almost perfect, it carried me through the story. The fighting scenes, the malice the main character – it drove the story line and made me want to continue to watch it. There were many things that surprised me on how Thorfin carried out his life since he was a kid to now.

The fighting scenes and the scenery were ideal and absolute. The scenery is beautiful, the animation of the anime is so alluring I am quite sure that is the reason onto why I watched it. In the beginning of season 2, the scenery alone explains what is happening completely without you even listening to the narrating.

The fighting scenes pace well and it is not too much and not too less, meaning that the fighting scenes are more as realistic than as fiction and exaggerated.

Although this type of show is not a show that keeps you on your toes, watching it till the end made me realize that it was worth it.

In the newest season of Vinland saga Author Makoto Yukimura creates the new image of Thorfin, and I love it. Thorfin is a whole different person in the second season, and it complements the storyline so well, to where that I am excited to see where this anime is going to go.

Overall, this anime was a 10/10. Following with the plot it was all amazing and if I were to erase my memory, I would watch this anime again. I would recommend if you’re new to watching anime.