John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital visits LHS

The well-known John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital teaches Lakewood students and other students around the county how to live an efficient healthy lifestyle in their recent visit.



Salsa roja and curried peanut dip served to students on Feb. 2 near the cafeteria by John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.


John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital paid a special visit to Lakewood High School handing out easy-to-make healthy treats to the students on Feb. 2. The healthy snacks included Salsa Roja with tortilla chips and curried peanut dip with carrots and cucumbers.

John Hopkins Hospital has been working with Lakewood High School – specifically the ALMA program – for 9 years to help promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth.

“Our goal is to keep kids out of the hospital,” Exercise physiologist Mallory Carte-Aux said.

Despite health professionals doing their best, it has been difficult to promote a healthy living since COVID-19 – though they make breakthroughs everyday as John Hopkins Hospital keeps coming up with new ways for students to live a healthy life.

“[The food is] Healthy, accessible, delicious, easy to make,” Spanish teacher Lydia Harless said.

John Hopkins Hospital is still on their journey to help promote the message of having a healthy life. They are planning on hosting their first international culture cooking classes soon.