Tom Brady’s new training book has inspired a new gym curriculum

Tom Brady has partnered with Pinellas County to implement his new fitness book into physical education programs.



Senior Avion Mack shoots a basket on Feb. 8 in the Lakewood gymnasium during gym.


Bucs quarterback Tom Brady has come out with a new book on his methods of fitness and training. His book TB12 has now been integrated into many schools’ curriculum for their physical education programs.

Pinellas is the first county to implement this education plan. It’s being piloted by 10 schools this year: four high schools and six middle schools. It’s been said that the county plans to implement TB12 in all Pinellas schools in the 2023-24 school year. Brady’s curriculum is made to encourage the students to be engaged and active in both gym class and their personal lives.

“It’s not a standalone program. It is incorporated into what we already do,” Coach Chantella Moore said.

Since implementing the course, Lakewood has been able to get more equipment for Physical Education classes getting the students more energetic and involved.

“TB12 being implemented into our current standing program just enhances the program my kids already active,” Moore said.