The Big Red Bus has arrived

On Dec. 1. the Big Red Bus sponsored by OneBlood found its way to Lakewood once more.



Junior Domanik Kraemer donates blood at Lakewood High School on Dec. 1. This is Kraemer’s first time donating. “I give blood because it helps but I really want the free snacks,” Kraemer said.


The Big Red Bus made its way to Lakewood High School Dec. 1 for a blood drive students 16 years old and older can participate in. Lakewood High School participates in these types of blood drives four times a year.

The Big Red Bus is a mobile blood donation center managed by OneBlood. A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe, available and affordable blood.

Most high schools in Pinellas County participate in blood drives. Lakewood High School has a low participation rate compared to others.

“I am working with the high school kids knowing that I have a purpose is an enjoyable moment. You know you have a purpose when you are saving lives,” account representative Linda Leech said.

While most students come down to donate blood to get out of class, eat, get nice souvenirs, etc., sophomore Kazamiyah Garrison has a different reason compared to the rest.

“I donated to help people with sickle cell, cancer, and other medical conditions that require blood. My little brother has sickle cell and needed and still needs blood transfusions. So, I wanted to help someone in similar situations,” Garrison said.

Students reported feeling a little dizzy and hungry afterwards, so they were provided snacks and time to recover.

“The employees were really kind and comforting. I feared the needle at first but then they remind you what can come out of your blood and how you are helping others,” senior Kyle Conde said.