Lakewood celebrates life and lives drug free with Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug abuse prevention event of the year.



Alma commitee passes out goodies to Lakewood students who signs a promise to stay drug free on Oct. 25th near the cafeteria. The Red Ribbon week events were planned by althetic trainer Erika Miller.”Red ribbon week helps me understand that my school and community can be drug free,” Sophmore Kenzy Webb said.


Erika Miller along with the Live Free club hosted Red Ribbon Week to teach the students of Lakewood to live a drug free life from Oct. 24 to 28.

One of the highlights of Red Ribbon Week was the “Pledge Wall” in which teachers decorated their doors or windows with a live drug free theme.

AP Social Studies teacher Melia Garcia won the “Pledge Wall” competition. “I’m happy to spread the message of living a drug free life and the door will be up all year around,” Garcia said.

Red Ribbon Week was founded to honor DEA Officer Enrique Camarena who was killed in 1985. To honor his sacrifice, staff and students began to speak out against drug use.