Hurricane Ian puts a major dent in homecoming week

Intense weather cancels school and the county recommends everyone make the necessary precautions to stay safe.



Hurricane Ian as of Sept. 26 in the general Florida area. It is quickly moving into Cuba and then to Florida after.


Hurricane Ian is causing schools across Pinellas County to cancel classes for the rest of the week as a safety precaution. Originally an unnamed tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea (spotted around Friday, Sept. 23) the now Category One predicted to be Category Three or even Four hurricane is rapidly heading towards Florida. It is said to strike Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the hardest. 

Lakewood principal Erin Savage said that the school is doing the proper preparation to keep the school safe, even though no one will be on campus. The staff are going to pull in anything on campus that could possibly “fly during wind,” including trash cans, any sports equipment, as well as unplug all electrical things in case of flooding. Homecoming week and the game are as of now canceled, however the dance is still an uncertain yes, though that as well is subject to change.

“If we have school Friday, then we also have to look at the condition of the football field. Since we have a turf field, we should be okay, because it shouldn’t flood or anything. But the fact that the boys – both teams – haven’t practiced all week, I don’t know if the homecoming game will be made up.” Savage said. 

Many students as well are worried about this storm, taking the time to prepare their homes, and some even evacuate the area, but a lot are more-so sad at the fact that we’re missing spirit week, used to bad weather having lived in Florida for so long. 

“I feel disappointed that the recent storm has impacted and canceled our last chance for spirit week as seniors,” Senior Dimitri Cunningham said.