Students, staff to face off in kickball tournament

The student teams will be narrowed down on Monday and Wednesday, and the winning team will face the staff on Thursday.



Science teacher Phillip Muszysnki holds up a kickball in his classroom on April 2. Muszynski is in charge of the staff vs. students kickball game. “Every year we get trash talk privileges. It’s just a fun event,” Muszynski said.


The staff and students will battle it out next week at the Lakewood kickball tournament, which is being brought back after a four-year absence.

“We did this once before … and the staff got destroyed. I guess … 15 to 5 or something was the final score. So, we need our revenge,” said Coach Phillip Muszynski, who is organizing the tournament.

The kickball tournament is a three-day event, which will take place on the Lakewood football field on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (April 11, 13 and 14). There will be coed teams of 10 people. If students are not able to get a team of 10 together, Muszynski said they will be placed on a team. Student teams will play each other on Monday and Wednesday afterschool, and then the winner of the student tournament will play the staff on Thursday during last block.

The tournament will be a fundraiser for the Athletic Lifestyle Management Academy (ALMA). Tickets to the final Thursday game will cost $3 and will be sold Thursday in Muszynski’s room, A107.

“It’s fun. … It will be good for a little relaxation before exams start up,” Muszynski said. “We see each other in the classroom all day but we’re going to see each other outside the classroom, too.”

Science teacher Joseph Trujillo-Bini said he was excited to play on the staff team.

“I’m very excited to see some actual school spirit participation,” he said.

Bini said that he is confident the staff will win.

“Absolutely, by a lot of points. Not even fair,” he said.

And he added: “I would like to say I am the kickball all-star of the school.”

Sophomore Marcus Drayton, however, disagrees.

“I feel like the students are going to kill the staff,” he said.