Tweaks made to Lakewood dress code

The biggest change is that students will be allowed to wear college t-shirts and sweatshirts on Fridays.



Some changes have been made to Lakewood High School’s dress code. 

The biggest difference this year is that students are no longer obligated to wear masks at school. Instead, mask wearing is optional, meaning that some students may choose to wear them, while others won’t. While the masks are not mandated, the school district is “strongly encouraging” them.

   Here are some other changes in the dress code:

  • On Fridays, students and staff are encouraged to wear a shirt or sweatshirt that represents their favorite college. 
  • In addition to khakis and blue jeans, black pants are now okay to wear this upcoming school year. However, yoga pants, spandex, jeggings, and now pajama pants and slippers are prohibited from school campus. 
  • A lot of students enjoy wearing sweatshirts and hoodies, although it is a requirement for a shirt to be under jackets, and the shirt that is under the jacket must abide by Lakewood dress code. 
  • A ban on beanies, bonnets, lighters and lighter leashes has also been specifically added to the code.
  • Athletes will be able to wear sweatsuits on game days, but the bottom and top must match.