Bet leaves teacher bald

After his student gets straight A’s, teacher Michael Dolhancryk gets his head shaved.



Freshman Adrian Lovett shaves the hair off teacher Michael Dolhancryk ‘s head in November in VE specialist Emily Cipolla’s office.


Lakewood High School teachers will do whatever it takes to motivate their students to be successful – but what happened between freshman Adrian Lovett and teacher Michael Dolhancryk was a first.

The two met each other at the beginning of the year in learning strategies class. One of the first things Dolhancryk does with his students is make a bet.

“When I came to Lakewood five years ago, I told my students that if anybody ever got all As in a quarter, I would shave my head bald,” Dolhancryk said.

Until this year, Dolhancryk had never lost, but Lovett took the challenge seriously.

Lovett is the kind of student who does everything he is supposed to do in class, so he had the confidence to be the first to complete the bet. He had all the motivation and time he needed to get the job done; nothing was going to stop him.

When his report card came out in the first quarter, he had all As.

“I was happy to get that call that it was time to shave his head bald, but I didn’t think that he was really going to do it,” Lovett said.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving break Lovett, an online student, made a special visit to Lakewood High and finally got to shave Dolhancryk’s head.

Lovett said he enjoyed giving Dolhancryk a trim, but Mr. D wasn’t so happy about it.

“I always thought that I had knobs and corners on the back of his head, but it turns out it’s round,” he said.