Red Moon in Venus is out of this world

Kali Uchis blends R&B with pop to express the beauties and challenges of love and heartbreak.


Album cover for Red Moon in Venus by musician Kali Uchis.


Red Moon in Venus is an adventurous musical exploration through the different aspects of love. Colombian American R&B artist Karlyn-Marina Loaiza aka Kali Uchis uses contemporary fusions of romantic and fun ideas for her new album.

Most famous for her single “Tyrant” and her features such as, “she’s my collar” by Gorillaz or “Get You” by Daniel Caesar; Kali is recognized for her high yet gentle vocals which make her stand out compared to other artist.

Kali released Red Moon in Venus on March 3 which features primarily R&B songs zoning in on different aspects of love and loss. The album has 15 songs and is 43 minutes long. It features artists such as Summer Walker on “Deserve Me” and Don Toliver on “Fantasy.”

One thing that stands out is the transitioning through bilingual verses and songs such as “Hasta Cuando” and “Como Te Quiery Yo”.

This album is exquisite because of the theme. The album is different from others because Kali finds different ways to adventures through love through her music. She ventures through the attachment and the loss people experience with love through mesmerizing melodies and beautiful lyrics.

The album’s first half progresses like the early stages of a relationship: endless, saccharine, all-consuming. Kali never seems to lose sight of reality throughout the endless dream. For example, lead single “I Wish You Roses” expresses the thought of having someone forever and not being able to imagine them leaving until they’re gone.

She follows up with “Deserve Me” which expresses her admiration for love, yet she states its better to be off alone then in a toxic relationship.

In conclusion “Red Moon in Venus” is a recommendation for everyone to see different aspects of love and relationships, to help people feel sane coming out of a toxic relationship.